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Application form 

To make reservation in Afrosiab Hotel, carefully fill in the form below:

Do you have a valid visa for Uzbekistan?  
Number of persons:

How do we contact you
adults children
(If there are more than three of you - please fill this form several times).
First name:  
Last name:  
Check-in-hotel time:   (DD / MM / TIME)
Check-out-hotel time:   (DD / MM / TIME)
Room type & number: Standard Single room: 
Standard Double room:
Standard double for one person:
Junior Suite:
Deluxe suite:
Executive Suite:

Following form must be filled for each h traveller:
Send a copy of your passport. can be HERE or send an e-mail

# Name
(first and last)
Citizenship Gender Date of birth
(DD / MM / YY)
Number of passport

Specify any reasonable requirements
(e.g. room temperature; particular health requirements; dietary requirements and the like):

Do you need a picking up?

Specify a date, a time and a method of your arrival
(e.g. 25-Mar-05 7 p.m., from Tashkent to Samarkand by plane):

Other Comments:

You will get a hotel confirmation during several hours.

1. Reservation should be made by fax or letter at least one week prior to arrival; otherwise the hotel may not guarantee the availability of the requested rooms.
2. We would appreciate, if you mention your personal requests to perform high-class service.
3. Confirmation form will be delivered by fax or e-mail.
4. In case the payment is settled by cash, foreign guests are required to submit state bank exchange or hotel exchange-office certificate when paying.
5. Bank transfers should be made by means of 100 per cent deposit to the currency account of Hotel Afrosiab and no less than 15 days prior to arrival date.
Our E-mail:      

Our Telephone: +99890 188 6128
+Telegram +WhatsApp
The adviser Olga. Skype: pagetour
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