Fixed dates for the trek in Fann mountais.

The trek starts 17-th of August.

The itinerary and price are as follows:

Day 1: 17.08.2016. Dushanbe – Fann mountains (240 km). Arrival in Dushanbe – capital of Tajikistan. Transfer to hotel. Rest. Breakfast in hotel and departure to the Fann mountains, through the Anzob pass (3372) with amazingly beautiful landscapes. Arrival in Artuch (2200), whence begins our trek. Meeting with the mountain guide, preparation to the trekking.

Day 2: 18.08.2016. Trekking. After breakfast we will walk by a good track to Kulikalonsky lakes. After 4 hours we will arrive on a wide valley of lakes Kulikalon. Views of mountain peaks over 5000 m high: Mirali, Adamtash, Rudaki. After lunch, we will pass to the Dushoha lake and visit other lakes. Camp ashore the Dushoha lake. Rest. A supper. Night in tents. (+500 m, 12 km, 5-6 hours of walking).

Day 3: 19.08.2016. After breakfast climb to Chukurak (3165) pass and descent under pass Alautdin. Night in tents. (6-7 km, 3-4 hours of walking, +/-300).

Day 4: 20.08.2016. After breakfast climb to Alautdin (3800) pass. Amazing landscapes of mountain tops and valleys. Descent to the lake through meadows and summer pastures. Camp ashore the lake (2800). (17 km, 5-6 h, +960/-1060).

Day 5. 21.08.2016. After breakfast climb towards the Moutniy lakes through moraines, admiring bewitching landscapes of mountains. Chimtarga Peak (5489), Zamok (5070), Energiya (5105), Kaznok and other. Camp on the bank of the river on 3600 m. (10 km, 4-5 h, +900).

Day 6: 22.08.2016. Climb under the Chimtarga pass (4500) through moraines and glaciers. (4-5 h, +900). Camp. Supper. Night in tents.

Day 7: 23.08.2016. Early in the morning – climb to the Chitarga pass(4740) and then climb to the Energiya Peak (5120м). Descent to the Zindon valley. Camp at the high 3700 m. (12км, 6-7 h, +620 m/-1420).

Day 8: 24.08.2016. Walk to lake Greater Alo lake, lunch. After lunch, visit the Upper Alo lake. Night in Tents ashore the Greatre Alo lake.

Day 9: 25.08.2016. Walk to the merge of the Amshut river with the Archamajdan river (18 km, 6-7 h, -1300). Transfer to the Gaza settlementor. Supper and night with the local family.
Day 10: 26.08.2016. After breakfast transfer to the border with Uzbekistan through the Shahristan pass.

The price on 2016г.
2 pax – 1380$
3-4 pax – 1120$
5-6 pax – 1040$

This price does not include:
1. Visa cost.
2. Single replacement – 55$,
3. Wood gathering – 4$/pax/day.

Fann mountais – Route FT10 – Southwesterly

Key Information

Tour Duration: 9 days
Recommended Group Size: 1 – 10 pax
Destination: Tajikistan
Location: Western Tajikistan, near the Uzbek border (and Samarkand)

Route: Samarkand or Tashkent – Dushanbe/Hudzhant – Marguzorsky lakes (Mizhgon, Soya, Husher, Nofin, Hurdak, Marguzor, Azorchashma) – Tavasang pass (3450 m. 1А). – Sarymat – Munora pass (3676 m.) – Pushtikul lake – Valangi-Shahob – Archamajdan – Duoba – Amshut – Smaller Alo – Duzahak – Shibarzor – Greater Alo – Smaller Alo – Amshut – kishlak Gaza – Dushanbe/Hudzhant – Samarkand/Tashkent

Specialty Categories: Mountain Trekking
Grade: Moderate
Season: June – September
Tour Customizable: Yes

Suppliers contact information:; e-mail:; phone: +99898 3039846.

Fann mountais – Route FT10 – Southwesterly. Program of 9 days trek for fixed dates: 2.08-10.08, 13.08-21.08, 03.09-11.09, 16.09-24.09.

1. Day. Departure from Samarkand. Early in the morning meeting at the border with Tajikistan. The frontier point Sary-Asija. Transfer to Dushanbe. (Arrival from Tashkent through the frontier point of Aybek is also allowed). Hotel.
2. Transfer to Marguzorsky lakes: Mizhgon, Soya, Husher, Nofin, Hurdak, Marguzor, Azorchashma. Night in tents.
3. Day. Climb to Tavasang pass (3450 m. 1А). Descent to Sarymat. Night in tents.
4. Day. Sarymat – Munora pass (3676 m.), descent to Pushtikul lake. Night in tents.
5. Day. Valangi-Shahob, Archamajdan, Duoba, Amshut, Smaller Allo lake. Night in tents.
6. Day. Smaller Alo, Duzahak, Shibarzor, Greater Alo lake. Night in tents.
7. Day. Greater Alo, Smaller Alo, Amshut, kishlak Gaza. Night in tent or in the national house.
8. Transfer to Dushanbe or to Hudzhant.
9. Return to Samarkand (from Dushanbe through the frontier point Sary-Asija) or to Tashkent (from Hudzhant through the frontier point of Aybek).

Fann Mountains – Route “Fann Mountains and lakes”

Key Information

Tour Duration: 11 days
Destination: Tajikistan
Location: Western Tajikistan, near the Uzbek border (and Samarkand)

Route: Dushanbe – Gaza – Greater Alo – Chimtarga Pass – Moutniy lakes – Alaudinsky lakes – Alp-camp “Vertical” – lake Iskanderkul – Pendzhikent – Marguzorsky lakes – Dushanbe

Specialty Categories: Mountain Trekking/Mountain Climbing

Grade: Moderate to fairly challenging

Season: June – September
Tour Customizable: Yes
Ability to climb Chimtarga, Energiya peaks: Yes
Mountain Guides Service Included: Yes
The Guide/Climber Ratio: 1:5

Price: U$1200 per pax.

Suppliers contact information:; e-mail:; phone: +99898 3039846.

1. Day. Arrival in Dushanbe. Moving to settlement Gaza through Dushanbe, spending a night in the national house.
2. Day. Breakfast, walk to Amshut, further to lake the Smaller Alo, things on donkeys. Night in tents.
3. Day. Walk: the Smaller Alo lake – the Greater Alo lake. Night in tents. Donkeys do not go further.
4. Day. Walk towards the Chimtarga pass along the river Right Zindan, things, if necessary, bear porters. Spending a night under the Chimtarga peak.
5. Day. Early in the morning climb to the Chimtarga pass (4500 m. 1B), descent to the Moutniy lakes. Night in tents.
6. Day. Descent to the Alaudinsky lakes, spending a night in tents.
7. Day. Descent to “Vertical” alp-camp. Transfer to the Iskanderkul lake, spending a night in a guest house or in tents.
8. Day. the Iskanderkul lake – Pendzhikent, a dinner, excursion on a city, spending the night in hotel.
9. Day. Breakfast, departure to the Marguzorsky lakes (75 km). Spending a night in tents.
10. Day. Tranfer to Dushanbe. Accommodation in hotel.
11. Departure from Dushanbe.

Valleys of Tajik Pamir Range, 2016.

12 days of trekking.

Route: Dushanbe – Varzob Gorge – Iskanderkul – Saratak river – Karakool – Dugdone – Sarikhodang – Ptchikul-lake – Archa Maidan – Gointan – Gointan-Lake – Tchoukourak – Base Artoutch – Tchoukourak pass – Kulikalon lakes – Lake Douchokha Alaoutdine lakes – Mutnoye lakes – Kaznok – Bodkhona – Alaoutdin – Tchapdara – Pasruddarya -Dushanbe.


Duration: 16 days/15 nights
Food: Full board
Dushanbe private home 2 nights +1
Camping tents 9 nights
Artoutch tourist base 1 night
Village Gointan homestay 1 night

Price: 2016 y.

2 pax – $1,550
3-4 pax – $1,400
5-7 pax – $1,300
8-9 pax – $1,200
10-12 pax – $1,120
13-15 people – $1,040


ClimberCA International Consortium
skype –
tel. +99898 3039846 – telegram

Detailed program:

Day 1/2. Sun / Mon.
Early in a morning arrive in Dushanbe. Transfer to the Tajik private home. Breakfast. Discover the city (800-900 m). Excursion in Dushanbe: Museum of Tajikistan History, where you can see the Buddha statue of 12 meters tall, The Museum of Musical Instruments, Sunday bazaar. Botanical Garden, local market.
Lunch and dinner in the restaurants in town. Nights at the private home.

Day 3. Tuesday. Dushanbe – Varzob gorge – Iskanderkul Lake – Saratak – Camp at Karakool river.
Breakfast. Transfer via the gorge Varzob (65 km from Dushanbe) and the tunnel that leads us to the Zerafchan valley and the Iskanderkoul Lake (160 km, altitude 2200 meters, depth 72 m). Lunch on the road. Walk around the lake, visit of the waterfall on the river Iskanderya (24 m).
Then walk via the village Sarytag Karakool to the river at 2350 meters. Meet the team and “donkeys”. Camp.

Day 4. Wednesday. The Karakool river (2350 M) – Camp near to Dugdone pass (2900 m).
Elevation gain – 550 m.
Walking time – 4 hrs.

Day 5. Thursday. The camp under the Dugdone pass (2900 m) – Dugdone pass (3812 m) – Sarhihodang gorge (2650 m)
Camp at the picturesque gorge Sarikhodang (2650 m). Magnificent view of the glacier chain and encounter of flocks of sheep.
Ascent – 912 m, Vertical drop – 1162 m
Walking – 7 hrs.

Day 6. Friday. Sarikhodang (2650 m) – Ptchikul (2450 M) – Archa Maidan valley (2200 m).
Picnic at the Ptchikoul lake (2450 m).
Vertical drop – 450 m
Walking time – 4 hrs.

Day 7. Saturday. Archa Maidan valley (2200 M) – Goitan village (1850 m).
Descent from Archa Maidan valley to the ground road (1.5-2h). Then we cross the oasis and arrive to the Gaza Gointan village (1850 m).
Night at Homestay.
Vertical drop – 350 m
Walking time – 7 hrs.

Day 8. Sunday. Gointan village (1850 m) – Gointan pass (2600 m) – Tchoukourak lake (2450 m) – Artoutch base (2200 m).
Lunch – picnic ashore the lake. You will stay in a bungalow (WC, shower).
Ascent – 750 m, Vertical drop – 400 m
Walking time – 5-6 hrs.

Day 9. Monday. Artoutch base (2200 m) – Tchoukourak pass (3165 m) – Koulikalon lakes (2800 m).
Views of Chimtarga ridge with the peaks: Adamtach, Mirali, Maria. Night in tents.
Ascent – 965 m, Vertical drop – 365 m
Walking time – 5-6 hrs.

Day 10. Tuesday. Koulikalon lakes (2800 m) – Douchokha Lake (2900 m).
Elevation gain – 100 m.
Walking time – 3-4 hrs.

Day 11. Wednesday. Douchokha Lake (2900 m) – Alaoutdine pass (3800 m) – Alaoutdine lakes (2750 m).
Ascent – 900 m, Vertical drop – 1050 m.
Walking time – 5-6 hrs.

Day 12. Thursday. Alaoutdine lakes (2750 m.) – Ice lake Moutnoe (3,500 m.)
The camp will be situated at the foot of Mount Chimtarga, the highest peak of Fann Mountains.
Elevation gain – 750 m.
Walking time: 5-6 hrs.

Day 13. Friday. Ice lake Moutnoe (3,500 m.) – Kaznok pass – Alaotdine lake (2750 m).
Dinner and overnight in tents.
Ascent – 540 m, Vertical drop – 1290 m
Walking time – 5-6 hrs.

Day 14. Saturday. Alaotdine lake (2750 m) – Tchapdara pass (3400 m) – Bodkhana gorge – Pasruddaria valley (2300 m) – Dushanbe (5 hours drive).
Ascent – 650 m, Vertical drop – 1100 m.
Walking time – 5 hrs.
Arrival in Dushanbe. Dinner in town. Night at the private home.

Day 15. Sunday. Final departure.

The price does not include:
1) Visa for Tajikistan, $ 40 per person
2) Single supplement $80
3) Expenses on the route before Dushanbe.
(Visas can be obtained upon arrival at the airport of Dushanbe city).

Fann Mountains. Trekking in Fann Mountains

Key Information

This information in Russian

Tour Duration: 12-14 day(s)
Destination: Tajikistan
Location: Western Tajikistan, near the Uzbek border (and Samarkand)
Grade: Moderate to fairly challenging
 June – September
Tour Customizable: Yes
Ability to climb Chimtarga, Zamok, Energiya peaks: : Yes
Mountain Guides Service
Included: Yes
Porters Availability: Yes
Cook Availability: Yes
The Guide/Climber Ratio: 1:5 
Suppliers contact information: e-mail:; phone: +99898 

Fann Mountains are beautiful mountains, with a few summits above 5000 m, culminating at Chimtarga peak (5489 m). They are located in Western Tajikistan, near the Uzbek border (and Samarkand). They usually enjoy sunny, stable weather during the summer. The Fann Mountains have recently been “discovered” by western trekking agencies. The northern part (lakes Kulikalon and Alaudin, but also Chimtarga pass and lake Greater Allo) is now visited by large groups (and their porters). Since the Fann Mountains cover a relatively small area we intended to develop such trekking route, which can make possible to visit as many as possible of most significant natural sights in the limit of couple of weeks. The trek starts from North, passes to South, and then turns to West as shown on the map. All the logistics for this trek is prearranged for you by the team of ClimberCA –Mountaineering Consortium.

Fann Mountains trekking in Fann Mountains

Bibi-Djanat Lake

Fann Mountains trekking in Fann Mountains

Main Kulikalon Lake, with one rock wall behind. The
highest summit on the left is peak Maria (4970 m).

Fann Mountains trekking in Fann Mountains

Area near another lake – Dushakha (2950 m), with the
second rock wall in the background. The highest summit
on the right is peak Mirali (5170 m).

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