The State Natural Museum of Uzbekistan

The State Natural Museum of Uzbekistan under the Ministry for (of) Cultural and Sport Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the oldest scientific and educational institute, which was founded on July 12, 1876.

Traveling a long and complicated road of development it became the main Museum of Uzbekistan. The main tasks of the Museum are to demonstrate the nature of the republic, and how it is used in economy, to help educational institutions to deepen students’ knowledge in general biology and studying the nature of the region.

Collection work and numerous expeditions to nature by scientists of the museum resulted in accumulating the most valuable collection fund. The are approximately 400 000 stored units in the museum. 300 000 units out of them are insects, 11 000 – herbarium leaves. The rest are zoological (vertebrates) and geological materials, which are well known not only among the scientists of Uzbekistan, but also in the specific centers of the World Community.

The State Natural Museum of Uzbekistan was the first among he museums of the republic to work out and develop on advanced landscape method of exposing the nature in its expositions. This method clearly demonstrates the relationship of natural phenomena.

There are 4 sections in the Museum. They are:
• Flora and fauna Division
• Geological and Geographical Division
• Scientific and Education Division
• Funds Division

The Museum carries out scientific and educational work. It organized lectures, mobile exhibitions in many palaces of culture, theaters, recreational places, schools, lyceums, secondary and higher educational institutions, makhallas of the republic. There are also a mobile museum that serves the rural population of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent city, A.Niyazov street, 1.

tel: (998 71) 224-95-31;

fax: (998 71) 246-33-95;


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