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Taq-i Zargaron
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Taq-i Zargaron

The intersections of main streets of medieval Bukhara served a purpose of trade, that caused a construction there of notable domed structurestaq(s) and tim(s). Passing by Po-i Kalyan northwardly one can reach a place of ancient four bazaars ("Chakhar suk" or "Chorsu"). There is situated the first of such structures, called Chorsu or Taq-i Zargaron ("zargaron" means "jeweler").

According to Khafizi Tanysh, a chronicler of the 16-th century, in 1569-70 Taq-i Zargaron (Toki Zargaron Trading Dome), the taq of jewelers, is the largest of all existing ancient shopping malls in Bukhara. Tag-i Zargaron once accommodated 36 shops and ateliers with all inventory.


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Dmitriy Page. The Guide to Bukhara. History and sights

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