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Uzbekistan Resort Chorvoq Oromgohi Hotel

The recreation area "Bogi Shamol" is situated at the hills along the Qizilsuv Mountain River on the southern slopes of the Karjantau ridge of the West Tien-Shan, where the Qizilsuv flows into the Chirchik River. The complex includes comfortable hotel as well as lovely huts ashore the stream, where strangers can have a rest sleeping right on the carpeted floor.

Nearest sights:

Khidjikent bazaar boshi (VI-VII, IX-XII) - the ancient market place with chaikhana under old plane trees, water springs, and rock paintings. The site is located on the road to Tashkent, at a distance of about two kilometers from "Bogi Shamol".

Qizilsuv waterfalls (in Uzbek 'Qizilsuv' means Red water) - pictorial cascades, confluent of Qizilsuv Mountain River, about 9 km up-stream from campsite.

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"Prices for 2015 year"
Accommodation rates:
 Double 46$
 Triple 54$
 For Four people 60$

  (No meal is included, Bungalow is included)

 Meal: Breakfast 3$    Dinner 6$    Supper 6$
Our Telephone: +99890 188 6128
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The adviser Olga.
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