Uzbek National House

Uzbek National HouseUzbek National House
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Uzbek National House

The Uzbek National House is situated in the oldest part of Tashkent city, in the Chorsu area.

The rooms have been created in the style of traditional woodcarving. The first room entered is a small guest room. This room can be a single or a double. In the room, there are three cabinets and over hanging carved from wood. Two of the cabinets have been used to store books, dishes, and the third has been used as a wardrobe.

Likewise, there is a great hall where one can relax in the evenings. The other rooms have also been furnished in a traditional style. In the summer, the large bed is placed in the inner courtyard, where 10-15 people can relax as an Uzbek and eat their meals.

Muslim tradesman Ahmadqori Mirzaev, the son of Tashkent’s famous tradesman Mirzaboy, lived in this very house. Nowadays, the family of his son, Doctor Murod Mirzo, lives in this house and continues to host guests.

"Prices for 2015 year"
Uzbek National House - Accommodation:
Single without breakfast 20$
Single with breakfast 25$
Double without breakfast 40$
Double with breakfast 50$


Uzbek National House
Uzbek National House Uzbek National House
  Uzbek National House  Uzbek National House  Uzbek National House  

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