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Qyzylqum. The Qyzilqum (Uzbek: red sand; also called Kyzil Kum) is one of the largest deserts in the world. It is located at the country between two rivers Amu Darya and Sirdarya, in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and partially Turkmenistan. It covers about 298,000 sq km (approximately 115,000 sq mi), making it the 11th largest desert in the world.

The territory is mainly the plain (height up to 300 м (about 984 feet) above sea level) with a number of the secluded lowlands and highlands (Sultanuizdag, Bukantau). Most of the area bespread with the sand-dunes (barkhans); in northwest the large areas are covered with takirs (clay coatings); there are also some oases. There are agricultural settlements along the rivers and oases. The local population use large spaces of Kyzil Kum as a pasture for livestock (mostly sheep, camels and dromedaries).

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