Topchan Hostel in Tashkent

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Topchan Hostel in Tashkent A budget hostel for backpackers, extreme sports enthusiasts, cyclists, bikers and just wanderers. Run by the same folk. Welcome, traveler.

Cheap accommodation in Tashkent
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Greetings, traveller. So, you are planning to come to Uzbekistan and looking for a cheap accommodation?
Thinking about booking a budget hostel but can't find one?
Or are you already in town desperate to find a last minute couch?

In any case, DON'T PANIC! You have come to the right place.

Topchan Hostel in Tashkent Reservation Request Form

How do we contact you:
Your name (first and last):  
Check-in-hotel time:   (DD / MM / TIME)
We ask you to specify the exact time of arrival and departure, because the price depends on this information.
Check-out-hotel time:   (DD / MM / TIME)
Children: (if you will live with you at the hotel)
Room type & number:
1 person

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Following form must be filled for each traveller:
Send a copy of your passport. can be HERE or send an e-mail

# Name
(first and last)
Citizenship Gender Date of birth
(DD / MM / YY)
Number of passport
(If there are more than three of you - please fill this form several times).

Do you need a picking up?

Other Comments:

Specify a date, a time and a method of your arrival
(e.g. 25-Mar. 7 p.m., from ______ to Tashkent by plane).  Specify any reasonable requirements: (e.g. room temperature; particular health requirements; dietary requirements and the like)

* * *

Do you have a valid visa for Uzbekistan?

Every traveller must receive a visa for entry to Uzbekistan before arrival. You will be refused entry without a visa. To obtain a tourist visa foreign nationals need visa support from a local travel agency. We can provide you with Uzbekistan visa support.
Until you have started the procedure to obtain a visa you cannot make a hotel reservation.

You will get a hotel confirmation during several hours.

Topchan Hostel in Tashkent - Cheap Accommodation

Our Telephone: +99890 188 6128
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The adviser Olga.
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