Hotel O'tkirbek in Bukhara Inexpensive hotel to sleep O'tkirbek hotel in Bukhara
Inexpensive hotel to sleep
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Hotel O'tkirbek in Bukhara

The hotel is located near O'tkirbek Labi-Hauz Square.

The hotel has 10 O'tkirbek bright, clean and comfortable rooms, a restaurant and a 24 - hour room service will be at your disposal.

This hotel is a good place in the city of Bukhara, to rest and sleep in peace after a long walk through the historic Bukhara.
Why pay more when you spend the night just a night or two, and the next day already will have to go to another city in the history of Khiva or Samarkand.

Price for accommodation at the hotel

Hotel O'tkirbek in Bukhara   Hotel O'tkirbek in Bukhara

Hotel O'tkirbek in Bukhara

Hotel O'tkirbek in Bukhara

Hotel O'tkirbek in Bukhara

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Our Telephone: +99890 188 6128
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The adviser Olga.
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