Bukhara Hotels

  Four-star**** hotels
 Bukhara Palace  

Three-star*** hotels

 Amelia Boutique
 Old City

Two-star** hotels

 Minzifa Inn
 Lyabi House  

B&B hotels

 Amulet Hotel
 Farkhad & Maya  
 Fatima & Ibragim  
 Hovli Poyon B&B    
 Mekhtar Ambar  
 K. Komil  
 Salom INN  
 Sasha & Son+  
 Sasha & Son  
 Suhrob Barzu   

Small Family hotels

 Nasriddin Navruz  
 Nazira & Azizbek  
 Rustam & Zuhra  
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Amulet Hotel in Bukhara
Amulet Hotel
Rooms and Rates: During the reconstruction (completed in May, 2005), which was careful done to maintain the original splendor and features, many ancient artifacts were unveiled and are shared with hotel guests as they drift into the past and explore every nook and cranny of the hotel. Room facilities: bath room with the shower; air conditioning; heating; satellite TV; hair-dryier.

Minzifa Inn Boutique hotel in Bukhara
Minzifa Inn Boutique Hotel
Minzifa Inn Boutique hotel is one of the best private hotels in Bukhara that offers you great service and accommodation. The hotel is located in a quite area within 3 minutes walk from Lyabi House Complex. The hotel disposes of 12 rooms

Malikjon B&B House - Hotel in Bukhara
Malikjon B&B House
A small private Malikjon hotel which have 10 rooms and located in the center of old Bukhara. Nearby is the old Sinagogue and Jewish school. The hotel itself is located in a big old house of two storeys, where guests can enjoy the ambience of old bukharian dwelling.

Hotel Old City - Hotel in Bukhara
Hotel Old City
Price $20. The Hotel Old City is designed with modern equipments while retaining the style and atmosphere of the ancient Uzbek culture. Hotel Old City gives you the advantages of being in walking distance to many historical attractions such as Lyabi Khauz, ancient Trade domes, Minaret Kalyan, Magoki-Attori Mosque, and etc.

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Uzbekistan tourism information: sights, attractions, hotels, map, photos   En  De  Ru       Bukhara hotels - "Fresh" prices
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Bukhara Hotels: Information and Reservation
From now on you need not search each time for the truthful information in the Internet about Bukhara hotels. On this page we have tried to present all most significant hotels of Bukhara, without pathetic element and overstatements.

With the exception of one hotel, all other hotels are private. Why it is important? Since it is a new phenomenon for our young country. In the Soviet times about private inn, individual taxi or restaurant it was impossible even to dream. And the state hotels were often simply awful. It is now a history where, we hope, Uzbekistan will never return.
Hotels' buildings.
In a majority the private inns in Bukhara are located on area adjacent to Lyabi Khauz complex. It is very old urban area, where formerly basically the Jews resided. (Read the story about the Jews in Bukhara and the first Synagogue building.) Therefore, the buildings of many inns are apartment houses of the Jews (and not the Jews) belonging to the past epochs.

In old hotels' buildings the elements of decoration are carefully saved or knowledgeably restored. In new buildings decoration is made in the best folk arts traditions of the of ancient city.
Basically hotels are located within a distance of walk from the most esteemed places of Bukhara. Averaged distance up to Airport is about 4-6 km; between hotels and railway station - 12-15 km.
“Caravan” and “Zargaron” hotels have available a long distance phone and internet access (with guest’s notebook) from guest-rooms. All other hotels provide long-distance telephone service and Internet access at their Receptions.
"Caravan", "Zargaron" and " Bukhara Palace " have telephone, TV set, shower or bath, toilet, mini-bar, hairdryer in the rooms. There are also Conference halls and restaurants in these hotels. Most of other hotels don't have telephone, mini-bar, and hairdryer in their guest-rooms. Also in some of them there is no Conference hall and restaurant. But each hotel has a perfect and cozy courtyard, where guests can have meals and hold business or friendly meetings. In "Farhad & Maya" guests can rent a bicycle. Also in this hotel 24 hours medical service is available. "Salom" inn provides guests with a baby-sitter service.
Safety and legality.
All hotels are licensed enterprises. The general rule is you must be registered within 72 hours after entering the country. Every tourist as a rule must be registered in a hotel. So make sure that you receive registration in hotel where you stay. Every licensed hotel must unconditionally provide you with registration. “Farkhad&Maya” hotel has security service.
The most expensive of listed hotels are "Bukhara Palace" and "Lyabi-House" hotels. The most unexpensive is Matluba & Son with its $20 per Double for one and free of charge pilaw meal. Prices of other inns vary from $25 to $35 per person. Breakfast is included in the rate.

Bukhara Farkhad & Maya Hotel
Farkhad & Maya Hotel
6 rooms: 4 rooms with two single beds, 2 rooms with one double bed / air conditioning / bathroom facilities / satellite TV / direct dial phone / fridge / hair-dryer. Modern Fire Alarm System. 24-hours security service. International phone/fax service, internet Hi-speed access and e-mail services at the Reception. Bicycles rent. Laundering and ironing. 24-hours medical service. Charity Souvenir Shop. Business center. Traditional yard.

Bukhara Amelia Boutique Hotel
Amelia Boutique
5 double bedrooms / Air-conditioning (split system) / Bathroom facilities / Satellite TV (more than 300 channels) / Fridge / Hairdryer / Coffeemaker / 24 hours room service. Restaurant. Microwave, Iron and Ironing Board available. Fax, telephone, e-mail, internet access. Laundering + ironing. Massage.

Bukhara Sasha & Son / Sasha & Son+ Hotels
Sasha & Son Hotel
10 rooms: 1 single room / 7 double rooms with two single beds / 2 double bedrooms with one large bed / air conditioning / bath or shower / satellite TV / mini bar / hairdryer. Restaurant. Massage. Conference hall. Courtyard. Telephone, fax and Internet at the Reception. Laundry. All reasonable sizes of the beds are available.
Sasha and Son plus+
5 double rooms with two single beds / air conditioning / bath or shower / satellite TV / mini bar / hairdryer. Restaurant. Conference hall. Courtyard. Sauna. Telephone and fax at the Reception. Laundry.

Bukhara Suhrob Barzu Hotel
Suhrob Barzu Hotel
11 rooms: 2 single rooms / 7 double rooms with two single beds / 2 double rooms with one bed / air conditioning / bath or shower / TV. Restaurant. Conference hall. Courtyard. Internet, telephone and fax at the Reception. Laundry.

Bukhara Nazira & Azizbek Hotel
Nazira & Azizbek Hotel
10 rooms: 9 rooms with two single beds / 1 room with one double bed + cot if necessary / shower / satellite TV / air conditioning. Conference hall. Laundry. Restaurant. Courtyard. Reception. Telephone, fax, internet at the Reception. Souvenir shop.

Bukhara K. Komil Hotel
K. Komil Hotel
The house of K.KOMIL was built more than 100 years ago. Mid-season Discounts. Today the interior of each room remains as it did in 19th century Bukhara with intricately carved.

Bukhara Hovli Poyon Hotel
Hovli Poyon B&B Hotel
10 double bedrooms: 8 rooms with two single beds / 2 rooms with one bed / air conditioning / bath or shower. Breakfast. Courtyard. Conference hall. Pilaw cooking demonstration. Telephone / fax / Internet at the Reception.

Bukhara Rustam & Zuhra Hotel
Rustam & Zuhra Hotel
6 double rooms with two single beds / 1 double room with one large bed / shower / satellite TV / air conditioning. Conference hall. Courtyard. Laundry. Fax, telephone and Internet at the Reception.

Bukhara Caravan Hotel
Caravan Hotel
28 double rooms: 23 rooms with two single beds / 5 rooms with one bed / air conditioning / bath or shower / international direct dialing telephone / satellite TV / mini-bar / hairdryer. Lobby. Reception. Cafe. Conference hall. Laundry. Restaurant. Fax and internet at the reception.

Hotel Bukhara-Boodin
Hotel "Bukhara-Boodin"
is located in the centre of old Bukhara - Pearl of East. Hotel services: • Restaurant • Bar • Fitness centre • Outdoor swimming pool • Outside Parking • Sauna • Open-air catering • Satellite TV and high speed Internet access (Wi Fi)
Qualified staff will take care to make your stay most comfortable!

Hotel O'tkirbek in Bukhara
"Hotel O'tkirbek"
The hotel has 10 O'tkirbek bright, clean and comfortable rooms, a restaurant and a 24 - hour room service will be at your disposal.

Bukhara Salom Inn Hotel
Salom INN Hotel
9 bedrooms: 9 rooms with two single beds / air conditioning / shower. Restaurant. International phone/fax service. High-speed Internet  access and e-mail services at the Reception. Baby-sitter. Laundry. Courtyard.

Bukhara Nodirbek Hotel
Nodirbek Hotel
21 rooms with two single beds / air conditioning / mini bar / shower / TV. Reception. Conference hall. Restaurant. Courtyard. Laundry. Telephone, fax and Internet at the Reception.

Bukhara Lyabi House Hotel
Lyabi House
29 double rooms with two single beds / 4 double rooms with one bed + cot if necessary / bath and shower / satellite TV / hairdryer / direct dial telephone. Lobby. Restaurant. Courtyard. Conference hall. Fax and Internet at the Reception. Laundry. Massage.

Bukhara Nasriddin Navruz Hotel
Nasriddin Navruz
5 double bedrooms with two single beds / bath or shower / TV / air conditioning. Reception. Telephone and Internet at the Reception. Courtyard. Laundry. Three of this rooms are without conveniences.

Bukhara Palace Bukhara Palace
222 rooms: 6 single rooms / 204 double rooms / 13 deluxe rooms / air conditioning / satellite TV / digital telephone / mini-bar / shower and bath / room service. Restaurant. Bar. Conference hall. Souvenir shop. Business center. Laundry and ironing. Sauna. Fitness center. Open air pool. Massage.

Bukhara Mekhtar Ambar Hotel
Mekhtar Ambar Hotel
10 rooms: 1 single room / 6 double rooms with two single beds / 2 rooms with one bed / 1 triple room / air conditioning / bath or shower / satellite TV. Reception. Courtyard. Internet, fax and telephone at the Reception. Laundry.

Bukhara Olmos Hotel
Olmos Hotel
17 double rooms with two single beds + cot if necessary / air conditioning / bath or shower / satellite TV / hairdryer / soft soap. Lobby. Bar. Restaurant. Conference hall. Oriental bath. Internet, fax and telephone at the Reception.

Bukhara Fatima & Ibragim Hotel
Fatima & Ibragim Hotel
10 double rooms with two single beds / air conditioning / shower / satellite TV / direct dial telephone. Lobby. Courtyard. Internet / fax at the Reception. Restaurant. Laundry.

Mubindzhan guest house. Bukhara
Guest house Mubindzhan Hotel in Bukhara. hotel Cheap! The house is made in the traditional style of Bukhara. Room and kept the old architecture design and decoration. On soft mattresses, postelennyh on the floor, as is customary in traditional Uzbek houses, can feel like a real Bukhara.

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