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Saif ed-Din Bokharzi Mausoleum
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Saif ed-Din Bokharzi Mausoleum

Construction of first building of mausoleum above the grave of "Sheikh of peace" was finished at the beginning of 14-ht century. This building was not remained to our time. The last building of mausoleum adorns Bukhara city since the second part of 14-ht century, and its imposing intake portal was built even later.

The mausoleum attracts by its mighty shapes, excellent simplicity and clarity of an architectural idea. It is possible to see an evolution of architectural theme when comparing this mausoleum with intact Bukhara monument of 10-th century. This Mausoleum is not unicameral burial-vault as the Ismail Samani Mausoleum (on Bukhara map Samonid’s Mausoleum). The design of building is more ingenious and consists of the burial-vault (purhana) and commemoration room (ziarathona). Two domes above these rooms organize building's side-view.The distinguishing feature of the Mausoleum is an absence of an inner and external decoration. In spite of this feature, an unknown architect achieved an impressive power of his building.

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