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Rabat Malik

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Malik Sardoba

Malik Steppe

Kasim Sheikh Navoi

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Rabat Malik

Not far from the road in the Malik Steppe, one can see the portal of the 12th century, formerly leaded into the "Rabat Malik"-"Prince's rabat" - rabat means artisan's outskirts. The surviving decor - carved stucco, figured ornamental brickwork and unglazed carved ceramics - give an inkling of the lost beauty. Rabat was built in the 12th century, next to a settlement that stood near an ancient caravan road between Samarkand and Bukhara.

Malik Sardoba

The inhabitants of the settlement and Malik Rabat took water from the Malik sardoba, a gigantic brick tank buried in the ground, and covered with an archaic terraced dome. The reservoir was filled with water from the Zerafshan river. It came along a subterranean canal - "kiaryz". One still can reach water by walking down a ramp.

Malik Steppe

Through millenniums the soil of the Malik Steppe still the same hot and dry. Here there could be your footsteps.

Kasim-Sheikh Mausoleum in Navoi

It is only curiosity in this city.
Formerly the mausoleum of great Sufi Sheikh was the place of pilgrimage around which there was the settlement.

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