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• Ichan-Kala
     • Islam Khodja Minaret (1910)
     • Dzhuma Mosque Minaret (10th to 13th centuries)
     • Kaltar Minaret (1855)
     • Tura Murad-Tura Minaret (1888)

• Dishan-Kala
     • Abdal Bobo Minaret (18th century)
     • Bikajan-Bika Minaret (1903)
     • Chilli Avliya Minaret (19th century)
     • Kaptarkhon Minaret (19th century)
     • Muhammad Maram Minaret (1903)
     • Palvan Kari Minaret (1905)
     • Sayyid Niyaz Shalikarbay Minaret (1835 to 1845)
     • Tort Shavvaz Minaret (1885)

• Khiva District
     • Shakhimardon Minaret (18th century)
     • Shikhmavlon Minaret (19th century)

The minaret was built by Islam Khodja, who was Khan's Prime minister. Minaret is a symbol of Khiva, the shape of it ascends to early places-prototypes (Kunya-Urgench XIV) and very narrowed at its top. On the minaret, bands of brick masonry are alternated by a band of a glazed pattern. Standing 56.6m. high, the minaret has a base diameter of 9,5m.

Adjoining Dzhuma Mosque, this is the oldest, minaret in Khiva. It has been restored in place of the minaret, which collapsed in 12th century, by one of the Khan's significant officials Abdurakhman Mekhtar. Differently from other minarets in Khiva, it hardly has any decorations. Dimensions: height - 33 m.; foundation diameter - 6.5 m.

Minaret Kaltar minar (short) was conceived as the largest in the whole Muslim East (diameter of bottom - 14.2m.). But the building was halted at a height of 29m. People also call it Guyok minar ("green minaret"). According to Khiva's historian Munis, the construction was not finished because of the Khan's death in 1855. The minaret was to become so tall that "one could see Bukhara from it." The minaret diameter rapidly reduces with height which makes it ever steadier; it was planned to be 70 till 80 meters high. According to the legend, the Emir of Bukhara, when he learned about the construction of a unique minaret in Khiva, decided to build a similar one in Bukhara and made an agreement with the craftsman that he will do it after completing his current job. Khiva's Khan learned about it and gave an order to kill the craftsman immediately after the construction was finished. The craftsman picked up this news and fled leaving the minaret unfinished. The minaret is unique both due to its size and unusual decor. It is the only minaret entirely covered by a set of glazed bricks and majolica.

It is located opposite the north-western corner of Muhammad Rakhimhan Madrasah, it was built next to quarter (makhallya) mosque bearing the same name by tura Murad-Tura, brother of Muhammad Rakhimhan II. The minaret is made of baked bricks and decorated with "bows" and majolica belt in its upper part. Dimensions: height - 9m., foundation diameter - 3.2 m.

The minaret is located in K.Atayev Street in Deshan Qala. It was built as a part of an ensemble bearing the same name after the death of Pahlavan Ahmed Zamchi (his real name was Abdal Bobo). The minaret is small but expressive in its shape with a somewhat fattened core radically reducing in diameter and crowned with a delicate sharafa cornice. Dimensions: height - 10 m.; foundation diameter - 3,3 m.

It is located near the western gate of Ichan Kala's Ata-Darvaza, it was built opposite the facade of a madrasah bearing the same name. The minaret was built by a craftsman named Usta Avul. Dimensions: height - 20 m.; diameter of foundation - 6 m.

It is located on the site of the madrasah bearing the same name near the crossing with the K.Yakubov Street in Dishan-Kala. Made of baked bricks, it has four arched openings and inner stairs decorated with majolica belts. Dimensions: height - 12 m.; foundation - 3.5 m.

It is located in the site of quarter mosque bearing the same name. There are four openings in the upper part where the muezzin reads "azana". The Minaret is made of baked bricks and decorated with figured brickwork; only the cornice has a belt of blue tiles. Dimensions: height is 8 m.; foundation diameter is 2 m.

It is located at the crossing of K.Baltayev and Anash Khalfa Streets, it was built in a united complex with Muhammad Makhram Madrasah and Mosque. The Minaret adjoins the southwestern corner of the madrasah. There is a thin decorative belt of baked slip glaze tiles of violet and white color. A copper "kubba" remained intact in the upper part of the Minaret. Dimensions: height is 19 m.; foundation diameter is 4.2 m.

It is erected at the crossing of Palvan Kari and M.Kariyev Streets in Dishan-Kala. The Minaret made of baked bricks was built by an important Khorezm merchant Palvan Kari near a madrasah and mosque bearing the same name. This Minaret is one of the most beautiful in Dishan-Kala. Slender conical silhouette of the minaret crowned with a splendid stalactite sharafa is viewed in a common perspective together with Ichan-Kala and Dishan-Kala minarets. The core top is decorated with horizontal belts of figured brickwork intertwining with tiers of paired brickwork with green "bows". Dimensions: height is 21 m.; foundation diameter is 5 m.

It is located next to a madrasah with the same name. It was built by architects with a well-developed sense of proportion and delicate artistic taste. The minaret is one of the oldest in Khiva. The upper part of the minaret is equipped with four large arched openings. Dimensions: height is 24 m.; foundation diameter is 4 m.

The minaret was built at the entrance to the architectural complex bearing the same name next to the crossing of R.Allabergenov and Tort Shovvoz Streets. It is decorated with green "bows" and has four majolica belts. Arched openings are covered with panjara. Because of its very poor condition the minaret was restored in 1996. Dimensions: height is 12 m.; foundation diameter is 2.5 m.

Built between madrasah bearing the same name and mosque, it is located in the territory of Pahlavan Mahmud collective farm. This Minaret, the smallest in Khiva, is decorated with green "bows". Dimensions: height is 5 m.; foundation diameter is 1.5 m.

Located in the territory of Agakhi collec-tive farm, it is a part of a mosque with the same name. The Minaret and mosque were restored in the eve of Agakhi's 190th anniversary while the madrasah and mausoleum previously destroyed were built anew. The Minaret is made of baked bricks and has spiral stairs leading to four arched openings. Dimensions: height is 10 m.; foundation diameter is 3.2 m.


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