Deepest cave in Uzbekistan – Peshagar

Deepest cave in Uzbekistan – Peshagar

Molguzar mountain ridge in the south of Jizzakh region hides from the view one of the most mysterious and beautiful places in Uzbekistan — the Valley of Five Caves, Beshpeshagor. Impressive massifs of granite rock resembling monolithic walls, scrobiculated by the hundreds of deep cracks revealing the entries into underground galleries.

The largest of the caves has a visible entrance in the form of a semi-dome. The size of the first of its chambers will impress you — almost 250 meters long and around 10 meters wide. The scientists have not yet identified where it ends. In the cave of Peshagor, the expedition of Uzbek scientists found the traces of ancient culture — pieces of broken rockery, household goods, bones, rock engravings and paintings. Besides, all the walls and the dome of the gigantic nail are covered with thick layer of soot. According to the archaeologist Sattor Karabaev, the cave could serve as an underground temple to fire-worshippers.

It could happen that this is the temple described in the Chinese chronicles of Tan-shu of the 6th century. Scientists do not hurry with the conclusions about the attribution of the cave Peshagor to the religion of zoroastrism.

The Valley of Five Caves can reveal many more new impressive discoveries. The recent archaeological dig of underground temples in the tract of Jomonjar located on the other side of the mountain range, and near the sacred place of Chukmazar Ota resulted in discoveries which may reveal the presence of Buddhism and a branch of Christianity at some point in the history here.

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