Climbing Lenin peak + Khan Tengri in same summer

Lenin Peak & Khan-Tengry in one summer 2024. Expedition 36 days

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In Kyrgyzstan there are three seven-odd thousand metres high (“seventhousander”) of five in former Soviet Union, now CIS. One of them is – Lenin peak (7134 m). It is the most affordable of seventhousanders for ascent. Khan-Tengri peak indescribable beautiful. For the high altitude climbers, this peak is one of the few in the world, on top of which everyone wants to visit.

If you feel that mountain peaks, up to 7000 m tall, are of your abilities, then you are ready to make a step on a track of “the Snow leopard». The reality is that the “Snow Leopard” summits: Lenin peak and Khan Tengri, are still remain the most accessible, in material sense, peaks that are up to 7000 m tall in the World. We offer you a program for your attempt Lenin Peak & Khan-Tengry in one summer 2024.

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Trekking to the Khan Tengri BC. Fixed departure dates

Trip features: Trek. Visits to Base Camps Southern Inilchek and Karkara, high altitude trekking camps (2800 m. – 4000 m. a.s.l.).

Duration of the 1 program with fixed date: from 10 July to 23 July 2023.

Duration of the 2 program with fixed date: from 28 July to 10 August 2023.

Duration of the 3 program with fixed date: from 7 August to 20 August 2023.

The trek from «At-Jailoo» 2500m to BC «South Inylchek» 4100m. Russian >>>

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The trip we offer below is a trekking tour along the mountain trails in Tien Shan. It begins in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Then you are transferred to At Jailoo alpine meadow. From here the trekking starts. You will see the real beauty of these mountains, the serenity and silence of Tien Shan, the “Celestial Mountains”, you will trek along one of the biggest glaciers in the world, and hike close to the mysterious Merzbacher Lake. Your trip finishes at “South Inylchek”, a base camp located at the foot of the magnificent peak Khan Tengri (7010 m.) This season we continue setting up stationary tent camps along the whole route. Travel with comfort! If you book the trek “To The Heart Of Tien-Shan”, you will enjoy all the facilities and commodities of our fixed camps all the way along the trek! It also gives you a number of advantages.

If you use our service, your acclimatization will be much easier as:
1) You will be awaited in every Camp, you will be accommodated in comfortable tents and get delicious meals that include National and European cuisine;
2) You will have communication in every Camp, and will be able to send the information from there;
3) Your itinerary will be marked and described in details in a leaflet, that you will get when your use our service.

Khan Tengri fixed dates and + trek

If you use our service, you can save money, as:
1) There is no need for you to bring (or rent) lots of things – like tent, dishes, frying pans, etc;
2) You don’t need to buy any food;
3) No need to hire porters.

The trek program:

Day 1.  “Manas” international airport – Bishkek – Karakol.
Drive: 400 km. / 7-8 hrs. / + 900 m. Arrival in Bishkek early in the morning.
Meeting at the airport and transfer to Bishkek, check in to hotel. After short rest and late breakfast transfer to town of Karakol. Lunch on the way. On arrival to Karakol check in to hotel. Dinner and overnight in hotel (1700 m. a.s.l.).

Day 2. Karakol sightseeing tour. Karakol – At-Jailoo Base Camp.
Drive: 200 km. / 5-6 hrs. / + 800 m. 
After breakfast short sightseeing tour around Karakol. Visiting Dungan mosque, a unique construction in Chinese style, but serving as a mosque. Also you will see an Old Russian Orthodox Cathedral made of wood without any nails. Lunch in local café. Transfer to At-Jailoo base camp. 200 km drive will take us about 6 hours. The road passes through a number of villages, then continues up along the canyon Turguen Ak Suu towards Ashuu Chon Pass (3808m). Descent to Ashuu Tor valley. On the way we pass by Koilu and Sary Jaz rivers. Later we drive along Sary Jaz river to the check point Maida-Adyr as we are going to enter the border zone, we must leave our permits here. About 1-1.5 hours drive along Inylchek river, arrival in At Jailoo camp. Sary Jaz river is one of the largest in Kyrgyzstan. The river has a length of 200 km and carries its water into Inylchek river which flows to China. Dinner and overnight in tents (2500 m. a.s.l.).

Day 3.  At Jailoo Camp – Iva Camp.
Trek: 18 km. / 5-7 hrs. / + 400 m.
 Trekking from At-Jailoo along Inylchek River to the beginning of Inylchek glacier. After breakfast we take lunch boxes and will leave the camp in order to be able to cross At Jailoo river before 9 am while there is still little water and the water level is low. We cross its freezing cold water, but it gets more difficult the later we do it. Within an hour we reach a place called Prijim. If the water level allows, we walk and easily cross another stream here. Otherwise we have to ascent and descend a steep and overgrown path which takes us about an hour extra. All depends on the lake Merzbacher. Whether it is the time when the lake opens and its water rushes down, or it has already or vice versa not opened yet, then we are lucky! Still it is highly recommended to bring along the sandals which you can wear when crossing the river and streams. Dinner and overnight in tents (2900 m. a.s.l.).

Day 4. Iva Camp – Glina camp.
Trek: 8 km. / 5-6 h. / +200 m.
  The Inylchek Glacier is the largest glacier and centerpiece of the Central Tien Shan. Extending 62 km in length with a width of over 3 km, the Inylchek Glacier is the third longest glacier outside the Polar Regions. It is estimated that the glacier holds enough ice to cover the entire country of Kyrgyzstan in three meters of melt water (Stewart, 2002). The first outside to travel into the area and visit the glacier was the European Pyotr Semenov in 1857. Climbing in the area began in the early 1900’s and continued through the 1930’s. Under Soviet rule, the permitting system restricted foreign access. It was not until after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 that foreign climbers began to climb in the area (Stewart, 2002). Breakfast. We take our lunch boxes and leave at about 9 am. Very steep ascents and descents take exhaust. We will try to go through to the right slope of the terrace. The trail crosses the terrace, later small rivers, washes out mountain slope, Putevodnyi glacier. We go up and down, up and down all the time. Lunch on the glacier at about 1 pm. Then we ascent another steep terrace along a narrow trail. The variety of terrains and the steepness of the slope trails will add some more adrenaline in blood. Arriving in Glina Camp we will have some tea or coffee and rest. The camp has got its name (which means “clay” in Russian) because of its location on a green clay field. Dinner at 6 pm. Overnight in tents (3100 m. a.s.l.).

Day 5.  Camp Glina – Merzbacher Glade.
Trek: 9 km. / 5-6 h. / +300 m. 
Breakfast at 9 am. Again we trek up and down various terraces though have also about 10 km of straight path. Only once we trek across a small glacier, passing a river and have lunch on the shore of a small lake, swim and rest. It will be an hour left to get to the Camp. Upon arrival we have some tea or coffee, then dinner at 6 pm. Wonderful views of Merzbacher lake open to us from the Camp. Merzbacher glade is the last grassy place in the area located just across the unique Merzbacher Lake. There is a scientific research station on the glacier. Scientists from all over the world come working here every summer. They study glaciers moving, meteorological situation of the region and the lake Merzbacher itself. There is a large green area around which is flat enough for camping. Overnight in tents (3400 m. a.s.l.).

Day 6. Merzbacher Lake.
Trek: 10 km. / 4-5 h. 
Breakfast at 9 am. We take our lunch boxes and leave at 10 am. Across South Inylchek glacier up to Mertzbacher Lake. The glacier terrain is ice covered with rocks and stones, sand and mud. The trekking time both ways is 4-5 hours. Sandwiched between the Northern and Southern branches of the glacier lies the mysterious Merzbacher Lake, which form every summer and then, sometime in August, burst through the ice banks and the waters flow into the Inylchek River. (Actually, the timing varies – for example in 2012 it happened on 10,July.) In reality, only part of the lake drains – the lake, which is 6 kilometres long and one kilometre wide, is in fact divided into two by a bridge of ice and whilst the lower half empties regularly, the upper part is always full of water. Also, the lakes empty twice a year – once in the summer and once in the winter – but most people only know about the summer event. In 1903 the German geographer and mountaineer, Gottfried Merzbacher, first discovered the lake while leading an expedition into the Tian Shan Mountains aiming to reach the summit of Khan Tengri. Forced back by ice, from their originally intended route through the Byankol Pass and along the Semyenov and Mushketov glaciers, they attempted a different approach – along the Enilchek glacier. Once again they failed, but they had shown that Khan Tengri was in fact on a ridge and not in the centre of that particular knot of the Tian Shan Mountains as had been thought. The expedition will be better remembered, however, for the discovery of the mysterious lake that now bears Merzbacher’s name. Overnight in tents (3400 m. a.s.l.).

Day 7.  Merzbacher Glade – Komsomolskiy Glacier.
Trek: 12 km. / 4-6 h. / +400 m.
   Breakfast at 8 am. We take our lunch boxes and set off at 9 am. It is a long day of trekking surrounded with beautiful landscapes – snow, rocks and multi-colored ice – black, white and sometimes even striped. The first part of our trek goes along the right side over terraces and, right before we reach Shokalskyi glacier it smoothly goes down. The trail reaches the glacier and the black moraine which flows out of Komsomolez glacier. We follow it up to the glacier itself. The terrain is very diverse: rivers, crevices, ascents and descents, the hikes around those take much time and energy. It will be our first night at the glacier. Strong wind usually starts here after 4 pm. It might be much colder than before. Hot drinks are very helpful here, the dinner is as usual at 6 pm. Overnight in tents (3800 m. a.s.l.).

Day 8.  Komsomolskiy Glacier – Dikiy Glacier. Trek: 7 km. / 3-5 h. / +100 m.   Breakfast at 8 am. Departure at 9 am Lunch boxes. Trekking in this part of Tien Shan is absolutely fabulous. The distinctive characteristic of the region is a great number of nameless peaks, unclimbed yet, about 5000m above sea level high. Straight from the camp we cross Proletarsky glacier moraine, get to the middle of Dikyi glacier moraine and walk along it up to the Dykyi glacier. The first part of the way is uneven, we walk up and down. Closer to the glacier the moraine becomes more even, without so many crevices, creeks and, no needs of working around to escape crossing small streams. Lunch break. In front of Proletarsky glacier we go up straight. Dikyi camp is located behind Pesnya Abaya peak (in 30 minutes). From Dikyi camp you have beautiful view of Khan Tengri, Pobeda, Gorky, Chapaev, Trehglavaya peaks. Tea, coffee and dinner at 6 pm. Overnight in tents (3900 m. a.s.l.).

Day 9.  Dikiy glacier – South Inylchek base camp.
Trek: 8 km. / 4-6 h. / +200 m.
  Optionally: Climbing to Pesnya Abaya – 4901 a.s.l. Breakfast at 8 or 9 am. Short trek,so we can depart at 10 am. We take our lunch boxes. We cross the whole glacier till the central moraine where the base camp is situated. The path is covered with rocks, ice, creeks, lakes and cracks. But it is possible to do without any ropes and crampons. We arrive in the base camp (4000m) at about 2 pm. We have our lunch, tea or coffee. Dinner at 7 pm. INYLCHEK Base Camp is ideally situated in the heart of North Tien-Shan at the South Inylchek glacier approximately at 4000 m. above the sea level. It has a picturesque view of Khan-Tengri ( 7010 m .) and Pobeda ( 7439 m .) peaks. Overnight in BC in tents (4100 m. a.s.l.).

Day 10.  South Inylchek base camp.Rest day at South Inylchek BC or radial hiking to Khan-Tengri. “South Inylchek” BC is open from 3 of July till 30 of August every year and might be interesting not only for alpinists, but also for usual travelers, who would like to enjoy the views of beautiful mountains on the flight by helicopter. The beautiful pyramid of Khan Tengri is without doubt the Jewel of the Tien Shan. It is the second highest mountain in this most northerly and remote of the great Asian mountain ranges. Among the local people, the white peaks are known as ‘The Mountains of Heaven’. Khan Tengri peak was first climbed by a Soviet expedition in 1931, via the West Col and West Ridge. Since then, most of its ridges and faces have been climbed – all by Soviet teams. Overnight in tents.

Day 11.  Helicopter flight to Karkara helicopter pad – Issyk Kul Lake. Drive: 200 km. / 3 h. / -2500 m.Breakfast. Helicopter flight from BC to Karkara helicopter pad. Transfer to Issyk-Kul Lake. In the afternoon three hour drive to the Issyk-Kul Lake, lunch on the way. Issyk-Kul is the second largest alpine lake in the world after Lake Titicaca in South America. Measuring 182 km long by 58 km wide, the lake appeared as a result of volcanic activity. It is heated from below by thermal activity and never freezes even in the depths of winter. In the summer the water temperature reaches 25-28 degrees centigrade (warmer than the air) and you can swim in the lake enclosed on all sides by the snowy peaks of the Tien Shan Mountains. Extremely deep and nicely warm over the centuries the lake has been something of an oasis in this inhospitable mountain environment. With diverse flora and fauna Issyk-Kul Lake and the surrounding environments are rightly considered to be one of Central Asia most remarkable locations. Arrival to the hotel. Overnight and dinner in hotel.

Day 12.  Issyk- Kul – Bishkek.
Drive: 250 km. / 5-6 h. / -800 m.
 Breakfast. Time at leisure. Lunch. In the afternoon transfer to Bishkek through tight Boom Gorge where boisterous Chu River, so much loved by rafters (routes up to 6th category difficulty!), cuts its way. On the way visit Burana Tower (old minaret) near Tokmok town. That minaret was constructed in Balasagyn town; one of the capitals of Karakhanid State existed in 11-12 centuries AD. Explore ruins of that important trading point at the Great Silk Road and visit a little local museum telling about that civilization. Also watch a collection of Balbals, Turkic ancient tombs. Arrival to Bishkek. Accommodation in hotel.

Day 13.  Sightseeing tour in Bishkek.  After breakfast a short sightseeing tour in the city. The capital and industrial centre of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek is a city of wide avenues, handsome buildings and Soviet heritage. It is the permanently snow capped Kyrgyz Alatau mountain range which towers over Bishkek providing a quite stunning backdrop. Visit Manas Monument, the main national hero of the Kyrgyz people. Then excursion to the State History Museum and walking tour around main Ala Too Square to watch ceremony of changing of the Guard of Honor, Independence Monument, and finish at the Old Square with Government House. Transfer to the Victory Square to finish the city tour by short excursion there. After excursion tourists may go shopping in the largest department store in the city – ZUM and a colorful oriental bazaar. Farewell dinner in restaurant. Overnight is in hotel

Day 14. Flight back home. Drive: 40 km. / 1 h.  Early in the morning transfer to the airport. Departure back home.

End of our service.

The price includes:

The price of program in 2023: 2540 USD per person.
SGL supplement in hotels: 130 USD per person.
SGL supplement in tents: 110 USD per person.
Supplement for climbing to Pesnya Abaya Peak: 55 USD / per person, incl. mountain guide service, and rent of rope, crampons, harness (for group of 5 pax and more price is 40 USD / pax)

The price included: 
– accommodation in Bishkek in Asia Mountains hotel or similar – 3 nights
– accommodation in Issyk-Kul Lake – 1 night
– accommodation in Karakol town Amir or in Green Yard Guest House – 1 night
– accommodation and full board (hot food for breakfast and dinner, lunches as snack boxes) in the permanent tent camps along the trek At Jailoo – Base Camp “South Inylchek”
– 9 nights
– helicopter flight Base Camp “South Inylchek”- Base Camp “Karkara”
– all transfers as per program – FB during whole program
– frontier zone permit
– mountain guide service
– porter service – not more than 12 kg per person (see below)
– all ecological and entrance fees as per program

The cost doesn’t include: 
– visa support and visa fee (if necessary)
– all optional deviations from the main itinerary
– beverages and meals not included in main menu
– personal expenses (extra luggage, room service, medical expenses/insurance, etc)

Your baggage on trek will be carried by porters. The packed weight of your trek bag whilst trekking should be no more than 12 kg of personal belongings. 1kg extra – 12 USD per programs. It is possible to leave travel clothes or other items not required on trek in our office – we will deliver them to Issyk-Kul Hotel on your arrival there after BC.


Always on the tables: honey, jam, sugar, condensed milk, dried fruits, cookies or sweets, salt, pepper, ketchup.


Each breakfast consists of porridge and additional dish.
Additional dish: omelet with bacon, omelet with cheese, fried sausages, pancakes, cheesecakes, scrambled eggs with sausage, boiled eggs.

Each supper consists of salad, soup, main dish and dessert.
Salads: funchoza(starch noodles), rice with crab sticks, eggs with fish, cabbage with carrot, greek salad, beans with onion, cod-liver with eggs.
Soups: minestrone, kesme, lentil puree soup, rice soup, pumpkin puree soup, fish soup and soup with dumplings.
Main dish: kuurdak, pilaf, stew with spaghetti and cheese, dymlyama, stuffed pepper, lagman, befstroganof with rice.
Dessert: cakes, waffles, fruits and rolls.

Buffet will be served after breakfast, where participants will be able to choose the products for lunch-box: bread, tortillas, different types of sausage, cheese and pate, canned goods, boiled eggs, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, as well as biscuit and chocolate bar, juice, sparkling or still water.

For this trip you will need the following:

– 4 season sleeping bag
– walking boots
– waterproof jacket and trousers
– fleece jacket or similar
– warm hat and gloves
– sunglasses
– a daypack of around 40 liters
– head-torch and batteries
– 2 x 1 liter water bottles
– sun cream.

A down jacket, pair of sandals and walking sticks are recommended.

Climbing ABOVE 7000M PEAK in 2020

The international consortium ClimberCA offers you to climb popular ‘seventhousanders’ (mountain peaks 7000+) of Pamir, Tien-Shan, Karakorum and Hymalayas in 2020.

Suppliers contact information:;
Telegram +7771 467-41-93
WhatsApp / Viber +7966 065-53-44
e-mail –

We start with Pamir, here are located four recommended in 2020 7000+ peaks:
– Muztagh-Ata peak – 7546 m. – Bishkek-Bishkek expedition 3200 USD per pax or Kashgar-Kashgar 2950 USD per pax. This mountain peak is one of the most easily achievable peaks in the world and is of particular interest to skiers, as a climb to the top can be made with the use of ski touring equipment.

There an opportunity to join us in affordable program for climbing Communism Peak and/or Korzhenevskaya Peak in 2020.

– Communism Peak 7495 m. – Dushanbe-Dushanbe expedition (2700 USD per pax)
– Korzhenevskaya Peak 7105 m. – Dushanbe-Dushanbe expedition (2700 USD per pax)

Note. If you climb two peaks (Communism and Korjenevskaya) from the BC “Moskvina glade”, the cost will be 3000 USD per person.

– Lenin Peak 7134 m. – Bishkek – Bishkek or Osh – Osh by the price 1280 USD/pax or 1050 USD/pax.

Two 7000+ peaks are located in Tien-Shan:
– Khan-Tengri – 7010 m. – Bishkek-Bishkek expedition. The full package in 2020 is 2250 USD / pax

Note: We offer expeditions with fixed dates to Khan-Tengri Peak from the south and from the north.

– Pobeda Peak 7439 m. – Bishkek-Bishkek expedition. Package price – 2250 USD / pax.
Note. If you climb two peaks (Khan-Tengri and Pobeda) from the BC “South Inylchek”, the cost is still 2250 USD per person.

Karakorum is presented by one the very popular 7000+ peak – Spantik – Islamabad – Islamabad expedition. Price 3450 USD. There are the fixed dates since 1-st & 31-st of July

In Hymalayas we offer you to climb Gyajikang 7,038mThe price is 4500 USD.

Also, upon request, we organize expeditions to the following ABOVE 7000M. PEAKS:
– Pumori (7145 m);
– Putha Hiunchuli (7246m);
– Churen (7371m);
– Tilicho (7134m);
– Lhakpa Ri (7045m) – Tibet face
– Ganesh Himal (7429m)
– Himlung Himal (7126m)
– Baruntse (7125m)

Note: this list does not exclude the possibility of organizing an ascension to any other 7000+ summit of the Himalayas. Just send your enquiry!

Most affordable in 2020 remains the expedition to Lenin Peak. At the same time on this mountain according to the customer we include maximal comfortable for climbing packs, which ideal for non-professionals. This level of the service have no analogues in Central Asia. We provide pre-installed tents, food and sets for cooking at high-altitude camps, installed ropes, guides, porters. There are the fixed dates for guided climbs.

Next to Lenin peak, in terms of affordable price, follows Khan Tengri, which also has fixed dates for guided expeditions, with pre-installed tents, food and sets for cooking at high-altitude camps, installed ropes, guides, porters.

But that’s not all! We offer you to climb Lenin Peak and Khan-Tengri with oxygen! This unique program will not only make the ascent safer, but also increases the chances of successful ascent in a shorter time (12 days only)!

We wish you good climbs in 2020!

Three 7000+ peaks of Kyrgyzstan in 2023

Supplier of services: ClimberCA International ConsortiumAbout Us
Telegram –
WhatsApp / Viber +7966 065-53-44
e-mail –

Note: ClimberCA offers to you the best service & the firm prices of all kind of services we offer on our web-pages. Some services, which we offer to you, are truly unexampled.


Day 1. Arrival in Bishkek. Flight to Osh,accommodation in hotel.
Day 2. Transfer to base camp “Achyk-Tash”
Day 3. Acclimatization ascent of “Petrovskogo” peak. Descent to the base camp. Preparation day for climb to Camp 1.
Day 4. Climb to the Camp 1 (4400 m)
Day 5. Acclimatization ascent of “Domashniy” peak (4700m). Descent to the Camp 1. Preparation day for climb to the Camp 2.
Day 6. Climb to the Camp 2 (5300m)
Day 7. Climb to the Camp 3 (6200m)
Day 8. Descent to the camp 1 (4400m)
Day 9. Descent to the base camp (3600 м.)
Day 10. Rest day
Day 11. Preparation day
Day 12. Climb to the Camp 1 (4400m)
Day 13. Climb to the Camp 2 (5300 m)
Day 14. Climb to the Camp 3 (6200 m)
Day 15. Ascent of the Lenin peak summit (7134 m) and descent to the Camp 3.
Day 16. Descent to the camp 1 (4400m)
Day 17. Descent to the base camp (3600 m)
Day 18. Descent to the base camp.
Day 19. Rest day
Day 20. Transfer to Osh.
Day 21. Flight to Bishkek. Accommodation in hotel.
Day 22. Free day in Bishkek.
Day 23. Transfer Bishkek – Karkara (460 km), accommodation at Karkara Base Camp.
Day 24. Fly by helicopter to BC “South Inylchek” (4000m).
Day 25. Acclimatization and preparation for ascent.
Day 26. Camp 1. 4200m.
Day 27. Camp 2. 5300m.
Day 28. Camp 3. 5900m.
Day 29. Camp 4. 6400 m.
Day 30. Ascend to summit 7010m and descend to Camp 3.
Day 31. Descend to BC
Day 32. Rest day
Day 33. Preparation day
Day 34. Camp 1. 4200m.
Day 35. Camp 2. 5300m.
Day 36. Camp 3. 5900m
Day 37. Camp 4. 6400m
Day 38. Camp5. 6900m
Day 39. Camp6. 7100m
Day 40. Ascent of the Pobeda Peak summit 7439 and descent to the camp 5
Day 41. Descent to Camp 3. 5900m
Day 42. Descent to Camp 1. 4200m
Day 43. Descent to BC
Day 44. Reserve day in case of bad weather
Day 45. Reserve day in case of bad weather
Day 46. Fly by helicopter to BC “Karkara” and drive to Bishkek. Accommodation at hotel
Day 47. Free day in Bishkek
Day 48. Transfer to Airport.

Schedule of helicopter flights for 2023:

July 5, 12, 14, 19, 20, 25, 28, 30
August 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 17, 24, 25

Cost of the program full package:

Cost of the program full package in 2023: 3400 USD/pax

Price includes:
– Meeting / seeing off at the airport, in Bishkek and in Osh.
– Transfers airport – hotel – airport, in Bishkek, and in Osh.
– Transfer Osh – Base Camp Achik-Tash – Osh.
– Transfer Bishkek – helipad Karkara – Bishkek.
– Flight Bishkek – Osh – Bishkek (free baggage allowance – 15 kg; over transportation additionally paid – 1-2 USD/kg).
– Helicopter flight to Base Camp South Inylchek (transportation of cargo without limit).
– Accommodation in hotels in Bishkek and in Osh with breakfast (not more than 5 nights!).
– Lunch on the road Osh – Achik-Tash – Osh and Bishkek – Karkara – Bishkek.
– Accommodation and meals (3 times a day) in the Base Camps: “Achik-Tash”, “Camp No. 1 on 4400 m”, “South Inylchek” and “Karkara”.
– Free use of a hot shower or bath, toilet, lockers in Base Camps: “Achik-Tash”, “Camp No. 1 at 4400 m”, “South Inylchek” and “Karkara”.
– Consultant guide services.
– First aid and consultation of doctor.
– Registration in the rescue team.
– Ecological fee.
– Fixed ropes on the route to Khan-Tengri Peak.
– Supplying with the radio contact on the route.
– Boundary zone permit, OVIR registration.

Price doesn’t include:
– The cost of the Kyrgyz visa
– International flight
– Meals not included in the program – meals on the mountains above Camp 1, and in the cities
– Alcoholic drinks
– Personal expenses (insurance, overweight in airplanes, etc.)
– Services of a mountain guide and porters
– Renting of personal and group climbing equipment

Additional service in BC:

Additional service in BC Achik-Tash:

– Rent of mountaineering tent – 80 USD per program.
– Accommodation in installed tents (in high altitude camps 2,3) – 60 USD per night.
– Gas cartridges KOVEA/COLEMAN (230 gr) – in BC – 9 USD / pc; in C1 – 10 USD / pc.
– Gas cartridges KOVEA/COLEMAN (440 gr) – in BC – 15 USD / pc; in C1 – 16 USD / pc.
– A set of high-altitude products: 120 USD/set.
– Internet (WI-FI) – in BC – 3 USD / hour; in C1 – 5 USD / hour.

Additional service in BC South Inylchek:

– Rent of mountaineering tent – 80 USD per program.
– Gas cartridges KOVEA/COLEMAN (230 gr) – 9 USD / pc.
– International calls – 4 USD/min
– Internet (WI-FI) – 5 USD / hour.

Mountain Guide services

Mountain Guide services for Lenin Peak per program (1-3 persons): 2000 USD
Mountain Guide services for Khan-Tengri Peak: 2500 USD

 List of needed Personal equipment:

Backpack – 85 liters, Sleeping bag -1, Sleeping pad – 1, Harness – 1, Carbines – 4, Jumar – 1, Crampons– 1, Repshnur (6-7 mm) – 5 m, Ice axe – 1, Sun glasses – 1 or 2, Torch (headlamp) -1 + set of spare batteries, Ice screw -2, Folding knife – 1, Down jacket/parka -1, Gortex: pants, jacket – 1 suit, Polartec: jacket 200 -1; pants – 1, Thermal underwear – 1 suit, Polartec 100 – 1 suit (jacket, pants), Polartec gloves -1, Overmitts – 1.+ windproof -1, Warm hat -1, Balaclava -1, Warm socks -2 pairs, Socks, Gamashi, Sun protection crèam, Figure-8 descender – 1, Telescopic Sticks (poles). – 1, Avalanche shovel –1, High altitude boots – 1, Trekking boots -1.

Insurance information

Dear guests,
Please pay attention on the fact of your security in case of any accidents if you purchase insurance policy. Responsibility for the reliability of the insurance company and for the accordance of insurance policy to our demands holds by the owner of insurance. We imperatively recommend to control next information in the insurance policy:

1) GLOBAL VOYAGER CAN NOT INTERVENE as an insurance company assistant

2) The sum of the policy must cover not less than USD 30.000

3) In the field “occupation” (or “sports practice”) “Mountaineering” must be notified

4) As Country of stay – Kyrgyzstan

5) The effective dates of the insurance policy must be included and coincide with the dates of Stay in Kyrgyzstan

6) The insurance policy must cover at least “first aid” and “transport of affected by helicopter if necessary” (be sure of this point to be included during the formalization of the insurance policy)

Before the formalization of the policy, make sure which assistant operates the insurance company in question.

Please remember: we do not work with GLOBAL VOYAGER assistant. In case the client has purchased an insurance policy in any company whose assistant is GLOBAL VOYAGER, medical and transportation expenses will be borne by the client involved.

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